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you know what louise? some of the members of your gender tend to confuse me alot.


Green world, love the chloroform.
Front porch in the thunderstorm.
Controlled chaos, confused energy.

So stop reading the weather charts.
Stop counting the playing cards.
There’s no system, there’s no guarantees.
That the love you feel and carry inside can be passed.
But you try, and all you do is just talk
to the past.
Ask how are you getting on alone?

Some wander the wilderness,
some drink cosmopolitans.
Some cold science, some glean astroplanes.
I can’t tell where the camera stops,
Homesick as an astronaut.
Just keep drifting, but still can’t explain.
How the love we feel we carry inside can be passed.
See a brother in the gutter and reach out your hand.
Ask how are you getting on alone?

What guage measures miracles?
Whose heartbeat’s electrical?
We feign sickness with our modern joy.
But even Western medicine,
it couldn’t save Danny Callahan.
Bad bone marrow, the poor little boy.
But the love he feels he carries inside can be passed.
He lay still,
his mother kissed him goodbye, said ‘comeback.’
Where are you going to alone?
Where are you going all alone?


this is what wiki say’s about them:

Comet Gain are a British Indie-Rock (bear with me here) band, with heavy influences from Dexys Midnight Runners and nothern soul music. The band includes ex-Huggy Bear bass player Jon Slade, ex-Morrissey drummer Woodie Taylor and included future Velocette members Sarah Bleach and Jax Coombes. Comet Gain is renowned for exuding a quintessentially British charm.

and i think they’re a bloody good band. on kill rock stars label, renowned for signing mostly good fucking bands.


bye bye summer…

a nice picture i once took last year, i like summer but winter will always be my favourite season, hands down. or gloves down.


tumblr is all about looking pretty

so here are two pretty pictures, i’ll write some thing later

manliest soup ever.

and here is a nice picture to balance out the manly oasis soup. everyones favourite feminist, laura mulvey.


testing? no…

i think i was probably the only child out there who found the girl and the puppet scary as fuck…